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Golf shoes to buy skills

2017-05-18 1703

1, comfortable, fit: Due to the special nature of golf, the golf course area is generally large, a ball down, at least four or five hours, the average down six or seven kilometers of the road, so shoes Comfortable, fit is very important, because once people go more than the road, the feet will start up, so the best choice of half of the shoes, if the choice of shoes is too small, will squeeze feet, feet are easy to wear , Then a ball down, the feet is simply a torture.

2, functional: the biggest requirements for golf shoes should be stability. Need to have a strong grip. It is conceivable that the players in the swing when the intensity is very strong, this time with the ground on the friction is large, if the soles can not firmly grasp the ground, the player's feet a slip, easy to wrestle or accidentally hurt others.

Now a little professional soles design, will join the stability of the bridge design, with a hard object to connect the front foot and heel two parts, before and after the palm, you can make the player in the swing to complete the action, the whole person can stand firm.

3, breathability: people go more than the road is easy to sweat, if the shoes are not breathable, sweat can not be discharged in time, for a long time easy to make shoes and socks wet, so that the wet feeling is particularly uncomfortable , Affect the mood to play the ball, and if it is playing the ball, it is easy to catch a cold.

4, security

In a slightly professional soles of the design, will join the stability of the bridge design, the so-called stable bridge, refers to the use of hard objects to connect the forefoot and heel two parts, rather than the traditional design of the whole soles, separated before and after the palm, The flexibility of the side movement, especially in the swing to complete the action, when the whole left foot completely pressure in the foot outside (foot knife), the foot knife will not slippery and completely ground, so that the left side of the body can not be solid Stand a good swing to complete the action.

Stable bridge to the front and rear foot division of labor, the pressure distribution of the soles of the feet will change, the pressure will effectively open to both ends, to strengthen the inertial kinetic energy, foot force is not easy to rotate, and become a lot of stability.

Golf soles of the shape, material, structure and accessories are different from ordinary shoes. Especially the soles of the feet to ensure that the players stand steady, there is a down-to-earth feeling, help in the uneven road walking and non-slip. In the choice of golf shoes to pay special attention to fit in the shoes under the skin and the bottom of the screws are solid, the screw if damaged, the whole pair of shoes will be declared scrapped. Golf shoes choose the starting point is fit, not too large or too small, feet in the shoe should not squeeze the feeling.