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Practical "why play golf must wear special shoes?

2017-05-18 1808

Golf is a stress-oriented sport, you can find almost everything related to golf and have special equipment, and today we will introduce you to wear high-ball special shoes the need for.

Golf shoes, different from the other shoes is the most important point is the soles nail, its existence can guarantee "stability", and this is a crucial point when playing.

Wide soles, balance

As long as you observe a little will find that the golf soles compared to other footwear wider. This is because in the play swing to keep standing posture, a good sense of balance can give you a greater chance to play a perfect blow.


Small spikes, to promote stability

Standard stable stance is the key to playing golf, so specially designed shoes are designed to stabilize the device. And for the uneven and wet the stadium, there is nothing more than spikes can play a stable role.